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Made Locally!

Duke City Pops is an Albuquerque-based creator of craft popsicles. Made with all-natural ingredients the craft popsicles embody the same flavors that capture the culture of our city.

All-Natural Popsicles That Reflect the Flavors of Albuquerque.

Cold flavors on a warm day have a way of changing your attitude. Our founder, Tom Garrity, fashioned himself as a popsicle aficionado and earned his expertise while watching college football and enjoying the quiet outdoors. Tom’s inquisitive mind started envision popsicles that were as unique and diverse as New Mexico.

Our popsicles are inspired by paletas, a staple of Mexican culture, with Albuquerque flavor. These frozen treats are made from whole ingredients like fresh pureed fruits, herbs, syrups and spices. Duke City Pops is made for the popsicle enthusiast who wants frozen flavors that remind their palate of home.

Our refreshing flavors are all natural. Locally sourced ingredients are a staple of our craft pops, unique to the Land of Enchantment. By forging Albuquerque relationships, Duke City Pops is addressing the issue of food waste with local grocers to create natural pops that make a difference. In addition, the Duke City Pops is supporting New Mexico nonprofits with a portion of proceeds.

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Fire Eater


Cinnamon Horchata

Bees Knees


Sunset Spice


Pumpkin Spice

Lobo Howl



Eastern Plains

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